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What is Dissertation& Why it Scares Many Master's& PhD Students?

Dissertation is a final project assigned at the end of a term. It is a type of assessment that is different from other module or semester assessment task. When a dissertation writing task is assigned to you, you are expected to write problem statement, research and analyze literature review and choose a methodology design that helps you in finding the answers of questions raised in the beginning of dissertation. You are also expected to collect primary data and conduct an independent research to find the results. If you’re enrolled in graduate or post graduate program, then you must be familiar with the dissertation writing task. Many students get confused between dissertation and thesis and even unable to differential between dissertation and other regular assessment such as assignment, essay, coursework, and term paper. Dissertation is different from any other paper and even thesis. However, in many instances, dissertation is used interchangeably for thesis, which further confuses to students. A professional dissertation writer is aware of how to write a dissertation that guarantees you A+ grade. Many students face certain challenges when it comes to write a custom dissertation paper without any expert’s assistance. Below we have provided common challenges and problem faced by students.

Common Challenges Faced by Students in Writing Custom Dissertation Paper

While writing your dissertation, you can encounter numerous challenges in any form. This challenge may pop up in the form topic selection or time management or lack of support from tutor and so on.

Selection of Topic, Question, Aims and Objective and Hypotheses

  • Topic, research questions, aims an objectives and research hypotheses remain throughout the dissertation writing process, however, in many cases it may be changed or modified to reflect the study. Therefore, your research should be flexible enough to be refined as per need. The process of refining the dissertation topic, questions, aims and objectives and hypothesis is very exciting as for long you are long, you are not sure what your topic or question is to investigate.

Quantity of Literature Required for Dissertation

  • Managing the quantity of literature materials can be difficult. You would have the access to a number of sources an online databases but it will be so difficult and challenging for you to determine how much and what to choose to be part of your literature review. Remember that literature review is never ending process and it continues till the end of dissertation.

Maintaining Quality Consistency throughout Writing

  • Quality should remain main aspect of your dissertation. You must not compromise on the quality no matter what. If you have to find a dissertation writer or a  dissertation writing service, go ahead and don’t hesitate. It is because many students fail because they cannot meet the standard or criteria of supervisor and result in failure.

Referencing, Citation and Bibliography

  • If you are not aware of how to format your paper in the correct reference style, then you can be in trouble. Your dissertation must be in a correct reference style or format. Good news is that a lot of helps is available such as in university libraries. The consequences of lack of proper formation is 10% or more deduction from your marks, which you cannot afford to lose especially when you are know that you are not sure of reserving good marks in other criteria.

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  • At Exclusive Writer, following are the critical steps that determine a quality dissertation:
  • That depicts the area of interest and focus of the client.
  • Raising the questions that the dissertation is expected to answer.
  • Comparative analysis and critical arguments to evaluate the outcome of various studies. Their contribution to the society and supporting researches are inferred.
  • The methods devised to carry out a particular study are analyzed. Conclusions are drawn on the basis of the reasoning and statistics provided.

Revision and Review

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