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Coursework is the most popular type of assignment assigned to students of GCSE and A-Level students. Besides exam, coursework also contribute to the overall grade of students. Many students prefer to write coursework to earn marks that contribute to their grade. There are many reasons why students choose to write coursework. One of the main reasons is that it is a perfect chance to demonstrate your academic, research, and writing skills over pressured environment of the exam hall.  It is a perfect solution for those, who cannot show their ability in the exam room. On the other hand, many students fall into false prey of coursework writing to earn grades. Coursework writing is challenging and can be as difficult as exam. It is because there is high standard in coursework as compared to exam. It requires a proper planning and thorough research. Besides, it requires to demonstrate a good writing skills. Coursework written at GCSE and A levels are usually in the form of essay or assignment. The aim and purpose of coursework can differ from one to other paper. However, one common thing that remains same in all papers is that students must carry out an independent research, therefore, it is not wrong to state that a coursework must be well researched and investigated. Students may require to dig and explore the topic and then analyze it. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Coursework Writing Task

Focus on Outline of Coursework

Coursework must have introduction, body and conclusion. Thus, introductory paragraph should focus on introducing the topic in the coursework, which states the research questions. You can start with the context and background and state the questions to let the reader be aware of the topic. It is important that it is interesting enough to attract the readers. Moreover, body should have the general to specific approach. Therefore, to stick the readers’ interest, write the initial statement of every section of body part in the most interesting way. Conclusion is a must for coursework. Always end conclusion with concluding statement and recommendation if necessary.

Selection of Use of Data and Materials

Statistical data in the form of table, graph, and diagram is important. It helps in illustrating the answer of the questions. Arguments can also be supported by displaying appropriate diagrams and graphs. While doing so, make sure to label it adequately. It is likewise important to cite the table, graph and diagram just the way you cite in the text. Correspondingly, you must make sure to use recent references to enhance the credibility of the source and data of the table. It is also essential that proper indication is given by using phrases such as See Fig. 1 and so on.  

Don’t Use Personal Opinion

A coursework has to be authentic and based on the academic information. Therefore, you must be careful while writing because you cannot put your personal opinion in the coursework. Moreover, it is likewise significant to avoid using personal pronoun such as‘I’ and‘We’. By putting your personal opinion you can confuse the reader. However, you can share your personal opinion when you are asked to provide your personal opinion and link it with the academic researched work. Also avoid using informal tone that reflects your personal opinion.

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