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Dissertation - Discipline That World’s Most Influential People Study?

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and the fortunate others are an exemption to this study-first-get-degree phenomenon. These genius men have acquired worldly recognition and popularity without completing their academic qualification. However, this rule cannot be practically implemented to produce educated influential leaders and rulers. It is believed that the person should be equipped with the fundamental knowledge pertaining to the field he/she chooses to excel at. Therefore, it is commonly observed that with such profound elementary education and experience, the individual tends to achieve milestones and success predominantly with buy essay writing service. By closely examining the world’s most influential leaders who have repeatedly made to the top 100’s list, the most common studied disciplines are analysed.

Education& Elites

The disciplines and the influential people are ranked according to the number of times they have appeared in the top 100 rankings and are often mentioned in buy dissertation writing are:

1. Barack Obama

The most renowned President of the United States is the first African American to hold such a prestigious position. Obama is a law graduate from Harvard Law School and has taught at University of Chicago Law School the subject of constitutional law, while working as a civil rights attorney.

2. Hillary Clinton

An American politician who has been a Democratic Party’s nominee also tops the influential leaders list. Hillary, the First Lady of the United States, holds a J.D. from Yale Law School and has served as a Congressional Legal Council before being married to the Bill Clinton.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Youngest black anchor, Winfrey initially attended Lincoln High School but was transferred to Nicolet High School later. She pursued honors program and won full scholarship at Tennessee State University to study communication, choosing media as her long-lasting career.

4. Angela Merkel

Merkel, a former research scientist and German stateswoman, is a physical scientist with doctorate degree. She has also served as Minister for Women and Minister for the Environment and had studied physics from University of Leipzig. Also, Merkel published number of research papers.

5. Xi Jinping

The President of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, is a chemical engineer from Tsinghua University. In addition, he attained a degree of LLD that is Doctor of Law in management, revolutionary history, law and politics. He is also a chairman of China’s Central Military Commission.

6. Vladimir Putin

A Russian President and former Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin speaks fluent German and is a law graduate from Saint Petersburg State University. He has been a member of intelligence and has had a major role in the economic growth in the country during his presidency.

What’s Common in the Top-Ranked Leaders?

Sociology! Almost every leader has acquired the Law degree at one or the other level of education. Their imminent position in the world with ever-growing popularity reflects the impact of the Law profession in accumulating strength and attaining leadership. Therefore, it could be summed that the study of social interactions, development and understanding of the human race, comprising of the structuring and functioning of human society is the major discipline that has been studied by the influential leaders worldwide.

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