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Corporate Social Responsibility at McDonald’s – Part 4


Concerning corporate social responsibility, it is found that the company has established systemic ethical corporate governance, but still company has been facing numbers of issues and criticism for meeting the ethical standards and CSR. Considering the issues and business practices of the McDonald’s, there is need to provide recommendations for improving its business practice so that the company could remain stable in the global market. These recommendations are based on the practices of competitors of the company or from other industry, which have gained profit by employing effective business practice.  We ensures professional  writing paper​ to lift your grades

a. Neutral Advertising

Advertisement is backbone of the company’s business practice, therefore, current approach of the company targeting children must be modified. In this respect, McDonald’s should employ neutral approach similar to its competitor KFC. KFC has long been employed effective advertisement approach, which is never questioned for the ethical consideration. Therefore, McDonald’s should include adults as its target market along with children. Moreover, besides schools, company should advertise its brands in offices, cinema and malls.

b. Equal Employee Opportunity

Employees’ discrimination is one of the major issues related to CSR in the McDonald’s; therefore, company should rather focus on improving the workplace environment by more restricting its franchisers, and contractors. However, the company has set specific standards and rules to be regulated by its franchisers. Company should reevaluate its code of conduct and must not ignore any complaint regarding the issue. 

c. Sustainable Business Environment

Creating sustainable business environment may help the company to improve the employees’ satisfaction and workplace environment. Since employees are the most important stakeholders, therefore, having sustainable business environment will help the company to overcome the issue related to employees’ discrimination.

d. Stakeholder Engagement

McDonald’s has ignored the involvement and engagement of stakeholders in the business practice of the company, which has caused critical issues for the company related to CSR. McDonald’s should identify its stakeholders and must evaluate their needs and expectations from the company. The views of stakeholders will help the company to shape its business practice.

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