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Animal Behavior

Age related behavior of rabbit and dog

A young rabbit is rather active and playful that I why occasionally they get themselves hurt. Age factor greatly influence the behavior of the rabbit as young rabbit combatively to old rabbit more active and stimulated and this leads to their dangerous and destructive behavior. Old rabbits are rather dull and are not engaged in the chewing and playing like younger rabbit (Tynes, 2010). 

Dog with the growing age changes his behavior. The physical changes that occur with the age affect the behavior of dogs. Little mobility mostly causes depression and isolation in them.

Gender RELATED BEHAVIOR OF Rabbit and dog

Gender in rabbit determines the tendency and shows different behavioral approaches. A female rabbit has tendency to build nest in the sleeping area while a male rabbit rather behaves lusty.

Male dogs are usually more aggressive than female dogs while female dogs are loving and warm in their behavior. Custom  write my assignment

Environment RELATED BEHAVIOR OF Rabbit and dog

Environment affects in forming mood in rabbit such as clean and comfortable environment reduces the stress in rabbits. Moreover, noise and bright lights cause them stress.

Dogs like to have attention and enjoy outdoor activity. It is observed that mostly dogs are social and outdoor environment pleasingly affect their behavior (Poole, 1985).


Signs of dominant BEHAVIOR IN Animal

The signs of dominating found in animals are relatively associated with dogs. The following signs are usually observed in a dominant dog behavior: refuse to move, destroying the objects or stuff, stealing the food and constantly ignorance of commands.

Submissive Behavior in Animal 

Submissive behavior observed in dogs is following: standing with tail between the legs and licking its lips.


Aggressive and frightened Dog Behavior in Animals

The following signs have been observed in animals specifically in dogs that are aggressive and frightened: over-barking, over tendency to snarling, over possession, fearfulness among strangers and continuous attacks on other dogs.

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